What Sets Us Apart

Various aspects of our service offering set us. We talk about these aspects at great length throughout the current site. These can be summarized as follows:

1. A top quality organization

Few groups have as many full-time individuals, most university graduates. Few advisors or groups of advisors manage assets of a comparable value. The accumulated academic and professional expertise as well as the combined experience of our team members is extremely rare in our industry.

2. “No time, not interested, not knowledgeable”

We live in a fast paced world. Most of our clients, even though they work hard to accumulate their financial wealth, often do not have the time required to manage it properly.

Others are simply not interested incontinuously  following market prices or the evolution of interest rates.

In general, the average person does not have the required knowledge to build a professional and solid investment strategy apt to resist market fluctuations or to benefit from them.

We can help you at these three levels by assuming the management of your financial assets. This is what we do every day. Rest assured that we will spare no effort to provide you with the highest quality of service, so you can sleep better.

3. Marc Dalpé: 100% portfolio management

The traditional advisor must constantly split his/her time between business development and servicing existing clients. With our structure, we do not have to compromise. Recognized as an experienced portfolio manager with a solid performance record, Mr. Dalpé is fully dedicated to your portfolio, and nothing else.

In 1999, he was selected as the National Winner of the Investment Dealers Association (IDA) prestigious Award of Distinction. This is a "national award program that recognizes outstanding investment advisors who exemplify the highest standards of dedication and professionalism in the securities industry". Only two advisors from Quebec have ever been selected for this prestigious honour.

 4. A portfolio performance that differentiates us from the others

Since 1998, our prudent and fundamental portfolio management has proven to be very competitive and consistent, allowing us to post results that have been among the best in the country, year after year.

We offer no tips or promises of high returns. Only professional and systematic management focused on the long-term.

Furthermore, since our management is provided in a discretionary manner, it is systematic for each client. Each client receives exactly the same service and thorough attention.

5. No commissions, no conflict of interest

Unlike most advisors who charge commissions to compensate them for their services, our clients pay management fees, a formula we believe to be more transparent and more closely aligned with the concept of a partnership with our clients.

6. We take care of your financial situation in a comprehensive way

We act as the senior advisor for most of our clients. We consider that the quality of our services hinges on a comprehensive vision of our clients’ assets. Our services go beyond portfolio management to include financial planning and all aspects of wealth management.

7. A sophisticated computer system: a pledge to proper follow up and consistency

The level of sophistication of our portfolio management and of our customer service systems is unequalled in our industry. This allows us, among other things, to offer a professional, personnalized and empathic service.

8. Active communications

Our clients hear from us all year long. Our team of advisors communicate with each of our clients at least once every three months.

We send all of our clients a quarterly performance report accompanied by a newsletter (since 1992). This newsletter, which is prepared internally in its entirety, points out the highlights of the period and our view of the markets.

We also prepare a daily email message called Info DalpéMilettethat our clients can read at their convenience. These emails deal with current issues and reflect our positions. In addition, they explain the reasons that motivate the transactions we make within the portfolios.

Finally, beyond all the material that we prepare for them, our clients are aware that they can call or meet with us at any time.

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