Retirement Planning

Portfolio management is a part of long-term personal financial planning. Due to a lack of time, interest or analytical tools, individuals do not evaluate their current financial situation and how it will change over time. These individuals generally have no idea of how factors like inflation, taxes, annual savings and portfolio structure will affect their retirement lifestyle.

In order to help our clients better understand the financial aspect of their retirement and to compensate now for any shortcomings, DalpéMilette has developed a financial planning model that answers the majority of questions they might have in this matter. Developed in-house, this comprehensive and informative software analyses an individual's financial dossier from A to Z. It includes a detailed analysis of saving habits, a projection of the changes in the financial position until death, a study of the impact of inflation, a review of the insurance file, an evaluation of the consequences of favouring one investment policy over another, etc. We are able to prepare in a very short period a 30-page report, including text, graphs, analysis and recommendations on twelve chapters of financial planning.
Our mandate is to act as the general manager for our clients' financial management needs. In this regard, the intervention of various professionals such as lawyers, notaries, accountants, tax professionals, insurance brokers, etc. is sometimes needed. We have identified a network of quality contacts to whom we entrust the responsibility of advising our clients.

* Certain services in financial planning and in insurance are offered through Richardson GMP Limited.

Estate Record Keeper

In the context of its financial planning services, Richardson GMP has prepared a useful Estate Record Keeper. It is our pleasure to give you a copy of this document that may be of interest to you and your family.
This tool will help you identify, retrieve and validate your personal important information which could be the subject of intensive search or complicated should you become very ill or upon your death. It is an easy solution for keeping all your financial and estate information in one place.
This task will first and foremost be of great assistance to you but will also be helpful to your heirs. Updating your important documents in a clear and organized directory will facilitate your life and that of your loved ones.
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