Marc Dalpé

Mr. Marc Dalpé was born in Montreal in 1959.  He has two children.

Mr. Dalpé joined Lévesque Beaubien Geoffrion Inc. in 1981 as an associate in the Corporate Finance department. He became a private shareholder and Vice-President of the firm in 1985 and Senior Vice-President, Director and member of the Management Committee in 1988. Mr. Dalpé's primary responsibilities consisted in covering companies of all sizes and from all sectors, in structuring private and public issues pertaining to every type of financial instrument, in analysing expansion projects, in successfully undertaking various merger and acquisition projects, in appearing as an expert witness before various regulatory agencies and in assisting in the administration of the firm's Corporate Finance department.

Mr. Dalpé's career as an investment advisor began in the fall of 1990. After working nine years within the Corporate Finance department, a Lévesque Beaubien Geoffrion investment advisor of long-standing approached him to become his partner. Mr. Dalpé's main responsibilities were to include portfolio management activities (investment ideas, analysis of various investment vehicles, implementation of the preceding in the related portfolios) as well as customer service. From 1992 to 1998, Mr. Dalpé was also highly involved in the business development process and in presentations to potential customers.

In April 1998, Mr. Dalpé founded a new team with his former associate Mr. Jean-Marc Milette and three former assistants.

In addition to the growth of assets under management for which Mr. Dalpé has been a major though not the sole contributor, he has been the principal source of ideas and their execution with respect to the investment advisor practice since 1990.

Mr. Dalpé has sat on the Board of Directors of several publicly traded companies. He has been bestowed awards by the Montreal Chamber of Commerce and the École des hautes études commerciales for his leadership, innovation and decision-making qualities. Mr. Dalpé has also been a regular speaker on the subjects of financial markets and investment, most notably within the framework of the Top Performers conferences in Toronto, the Canadian Association of Financial Planners and IDA Quebec.

Involvement within the community, particularly with respect to humanitarian assistance, is especially important to Mr. Dalpé. Considering his age and the time constraints due to the demands of a young family and of a growing business (a 70-hour work week is the norm rather than an exception), involvement in community services have been rather limited in the past, but should intensify in the future. Mr. Dalpé believes that community involvement should not be used as a means to increase business through visibility, but rather a selfless act without any expectation other than moral ones.

Besides the financial implications (donations) to a host of organisations, Mr. Dalpé takes time for fundraising campaigns and acts as a consultant or takes part in donation committees for several charitable agencies such as Sun Youth, Jeunesse au soleil, the Association du diabète du Québec, the Fondation Marcellin Champagnat (teaching destitute children), the Institut de recherche clinique de Montréal (IRCM) and the École des hautes études commerciales (HEC).

Mr. Dalpé belongs to many professional associations. He is heavily involved through his participation in many conferences and workgroups in the investment sector. His views are solicited regularly on radio, in television or in newspapers. For example, in December 1998, he represented the Quebec investment community during the taping of a video to support the request for a specialized business television channel before the CRTC.

Mr. Dalpé has also been a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) national advisory committee and of the Quebec chapter of the IIROC board of directors.

In February 2011, he was named member of the retirement and investment committees of the Ecole des hautes etudes commerciales.

Academic Background and On-going Training

Mr. Dalpé believes that to excel in the service industry, particularly in the financial sector, nothing is as important as knowledge and judgement. For many years now, expanding both his general and specialized educational skills has been his principal preoccupation.

In 1981, M. Dalpé obtained a Bachelor of Finance from École des hautes études commerciales in Montreal. During his academic years, Mr. Dalpé was awarded many prizes one of which was an excellence medal for academic achievement bestowed by the Financial Executive Institute.

Having been vice-president and administrator of Lévesque Beaubien Geoffrion, as well as branch director, he successfully passed aptitude exams required by the IDA for the positions of officer and administrator (in the mid 1980s) and branch director (1998).

To be consistent with his mission to be the principal financial advisor for his customers, Mr. Dalpé obtained in 1996 the title of financial planner from the Institut québécois de planification financière and in 1997 the title of personal insurance broker from the Conseil des assurances de personnes.

He obtained in 2002 the coveted title of Canadian Investment Manager and, in 2003, that of Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute (FCSI), the highest honour given by the IIROC.

Dedicated to offering high quality service to all his customers, he and his associate attended a, three-day training session on Relationship Management System given by Marketing Solutions (Dan Richards) in 1998.

Mr. Dalpé has also given numerous courses and conferences within the framework of the bachelor and master degree programs at the Ecole des Hautes Études Commerciales. He is regularly sought for conferences, branch visits and committees of various kinds. For example, he has sat on several discussion groups for the review of accounts receivable statements, he has represented his firm in the establishment of a customer satisfaction control program within the National Bank, he has participated in the development of the National Bank Financial's strategic vision with respect to financial planning, he was part of the implementation committee for a customer portfolio monitoring software, he has organized several in-house campaigns on various themes such as international diversification. He has done the same with Desjardins Securities. All of these activities allow him to better understand the issues related to the profession of investment advisor.

Over the years, Mr. Dalpé has been present at various conferences in Canada, the United States and Europe on every aspect of the investment advisor practice, from portfolio management to financial planning, taxation, business development, evaluating client requirements and managing expectations. On average, he dedicates ten days a year to such activities.

In addition, his nine years in corporate financing have given him rare training and experience that he strives to put to use in the management of the portfolios confided to him.

To stay abreast, he spends three hours a day reading various relevant publications (early in the morning and in the evening).

Finally, Mr. Dalpé also seeks to be well versed in general knowledge outside of his field of endeavour.

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