Independent Thinkers

Marc Dalpé is registered as Portfolio Manager with the self-regulatory organisations. According to the Regulation 1300 of the IIROC, he is authorized to make investment decisions and to give advice for managed accounts. With the exception of Marc Dalpé, no member of DalpéMilette can exert discretionary authority on the account of a customer or approve discretionary orders for a managed account, or take part in the formulation of investment decisions made in the name of a managed account.

The academic and technical skills of Mr. Dalpé and those of the members of his team, his experience in the field since 1981, approximately nine years of which were spent in corporate finance, his extensive information network and his contacts in the business community are such that the Dalpé-Milette Group represents a team of independent thinkers.

We consider ourselves responsible for the success of the portfolios entrusted to our management, but also for any setbacks. The Richardson GMP research department represents only a small part of our sources of information and analysis. We have access to research from other Canadian brokerage firms on a regular basis and we subscribe to a variety of publications offered to the general public (such as Fortune, Forbes, Barrons, etc.) and to specialists in the field (Bank Credit Analyst, Capital Economics, etc.).

We maintain various contacts with stakeholders in financial analysis and portfolio management in Canada and abroad. Our role consists in being well-informed, in forming an opinion based on our own analysis as well as that of others, in recommending portfolio management strategies and investment vehicles to our clients that correspond to their specific needs.

We are very seldom involved in the distribution of new issues because this is difficult to reconcile with a structured and systematic approach to portfolios management.

Our choice of individual investment securities is limited to the Canadian market where we seldom use investment funds (only for small portfolios). For the international market, we generally use index investment products and, exceptionally, investment funds.

M. Dalpé goes abroad on average every two years to meet in person the various managers who advise him or manage the funds of his clients invested in those markets, and with whom he has frequent telephone conversations. For example, he was in India in 2005, in China in 2007, and in Hong Kong, Macau, Mumbai and Dubai in 2010, Singapore and Kaula Lumpur in 2011, Taiwan, Seoul and Manila in 2013, and Hong Kong and Tokyo in 2016.

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